How a Startup Planner can help you

Help with finance and investment

We understand that trying to get funding for your business can often be a big challenge, whether that be for a start up business or for an existing business that you are looking for an investment for. Your startup planner can help you from providing funding options for your startup or assist you with ways to apply for a loan if your business is yet to launch – no matter where you are in the UK!

Our BRAND NEW Startup Hotline

We have launched the Startup Hotline which is now available to all businesses across the UK. We know that most Startups face similar obstacles in their first 3 years of trading, whether that be Employment law issues, accidents in the workplace, cashflow issues, recruitment issues, strategic planning the list goes on. Let us be you’re Startup Planner while at the same time get a completely unbiased opinion from someone that wants you to do well.

Our S.U.P.A network

We work with startup experts all over the UK who are dedicated to giving you the best services and support possible to help you throughout the early stages of your business. Each SUPA consultant are ‘Startup Planner Approved’ who all share a vision on providing a transparent and efficient solution to entrepreneurs which makes us proud to introduce their services to you.


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How we can support your new venture

Got funding through us? It doesn’t stop there

If we get your loan approved through an introduction we have made to one of our funding partners, you’ll typically have it in your bank within just a few weeks.
One of our Startup Planners will then contact you to get you started with your mentoring support to help you launch or grow your business.

Dedicated Startup Planner for your business – every step of the way

We are here to assist and advise you on everything your company will need to achieve your goals – from formulating a business plan to recruitment, marketing, employment law and insurance – we get the best services and support to help your business thrive – all in one place!

Register your business with us today

The first step is to get in touch and register your business with The Startup Planners, you can either do this over the phone with one of our advisers who can help Monday – Friday 9 AM—5 PM on 01978 799 901 or on our website under register for support 24/7.

Our Team

Kirk Wyton

Director – 01978 810109


Louise Edwards

Business Development Manager – 01978 810109

Interesting Facts

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What our clients say

“When you start a new company there are so many options in front of you, it can be hard to see the wood through the trees. The Startup Planners helped so much with that. They spent a lot of time to try and understand my company and then provided some contacts to me that seemed perfect. I have since hired a number of the organisations introduced to me and this has not only saved me a huge amount of time but has also provided me with better people that I think I would have found by simply selecting the top 3 companies on a Google search. What a great organisation”.

RORY MASON – Ground Up Digital Media LTD

“The Startup Planners were exceptionally helpful with my business plan and cash flow. They supported me every step of the way during my application, I was able to contact with any questions and I always got a positive response. The Startup Planners made a dream possible”.


We have helped Startups with the following:

  • Providing you a personal dedicated Startup Planner Consultant
  • Assisting with business plans and sourcing funding/ business loan options
  • Personal introductions to our approved consultants from bookkeepers to mentors
  • Securing the best deals on telecoms, Insurance and IT
  • Finding the right office/ retail space
  • Introductions to fully qualified Health & Safety providers
  • HR and recruitment advice
  • Training, accreditation and mentoring programmes
If you would like a Startup Planner to help you with your business just call us for an initial no obligation chat so we can discuss how we can help.

Types of industries that we have mainly supported in the last month


About us

Hello and welcome to the official Startup Planners website!

If you are thinking of starting your own business or are under 5 years of trading then you have come to the right place!

We are a personal consultancy service that supports, mentors, and nurtures young businesses to give them every advantage of reaching their full potential, but we don’t just stop there! We also work with fully approved and accredited startup professionals throughout the UK, also known as our SUPA CONSULTANTS who all share our passion and values in giving startups the very best support they deserve.

It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new startup or if you have been trading for a couple of years, most startups are all presented with similar issues from getting the best deals on marketing, branding, finding new clients and getting the best deals on telecoms, IT and accounting just to name a few. It can be difficult to know who to use to find the best value for your business and it’s just as important to know when and at what stage of your business you’re going to need them, This is where the startup planners can help.

We work with a wide range of different funding providers suitable for Startups to small and medium-sized enterprises that we can introduce you over to. Get in touch with us to see how we can help your business grow.